Chicago is cruel in the winter. Wind cuts to the skin, damp seeps to the marrow. Snow drives sideways, waves crash onshore, harbors freeze over.

San Miguel de Allende is the city of eternal spring – high, dry, and sunny. Its climate, culture, and architecture seduce tourists and expatriates alike.

A mortally wounded Mexican stranger passes Doug Sutherland a cryptic note and the police treat him as a suspect. The DEA appear and want to use him to entrap a drug trafficker. The same smuggler threatens Sutherland, convinced he has something of his. As events in Chicago heat up, Sutherland heads south to find answers. But charming San Miguel is no safer than the frozen landscape he leaves. Dark discoveries about his mother’s past, a plundered pre-Columbian tomb and a deserted silver mine are only the beginning of his surprises. Then a beautiful Mexican woman pressures him to recover a stolen artifact and he learns his girlfriend has disappeared.

After two trips to Mexico, a series of narrow escapes and a half-dozen casualties, Sutherland tracks down a legendary artifact, key to millions and the source of his troubles. Fighting for his life, he seemingly destroys his pursuers. But not entirely. There’s always another surprise.